International Premium Rate Numbers

Ajman, Ajman
  • 29 Oct, 2013

Can you generate traffic to international premium rate numbers?
We provide international premium rate numbers. International Premium rate numbers are the numbers which certain services are provided and the prices higher than normal are charged.
This is the dial and switch process that does not require manual effort.
We have exclusive destinations with Exclusive payments.
You can choose your payment term - Weekly, Bi-weekly and monthly with flexible terms of payment: Western Union and Money Gram.
We provide real-time online call statistics, and or daily CDR'S allows monitoring your traffic 24/7.
For more information please contact us (24 * 7) chat support:
Alia Johnson
Email: aliajohnsonaudiotext@gmail.com
Yahoo: aliajohnsonaudiotext@yahoo.com
Skype: alia.johnson5

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